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Gallery of the East Bay is an online gallery that features monthly rotating shows curated by Brown Artworks and myself, Jesse Brown. Brown Artworks will offer rotating shows on this page where the viewer, the artist, and the curator  come together to explore a variety of art concepts by showing new work every two months. This is a chance to feature work by Brown Family artists when we work to produce new art for our followers and the public at large. Be sure to check back regularly for our monthly shows so that you will see the latest of what we are doing. Thoughts, ideas, and interviews with our artists will be featured. Shows will also be thematic. This is an exciting opportunity because it allows us to connect our work and our audience in a unique way that was only previously available if we had access to a physical space. Now, we will engage with the public and our followers via the online gallery experience and try to raise awareness for new and changing themes within our art. 

~Jesse Brown, Curator~

November 5, 2016
Esther Brown

Portraits of the Sea

Portraits of the Sea is a premier exhibition for Brown Artworks and the Online Gallery of the East Bay. The artist is Esther Brown, contributing artist to Brown Artworks. Esther is the center of our artistic family and constantly drives and pushes us to be better through her work ethic in art as well as her vision and creativity. Portraits of the Sea is a sample of work that features her surrealistic elements and combines that with elements of the sea.

Esther grew up in southern California and would often go fishing with her father. She has vivid memories of her experiences with the variety of sea life that they would haul in. Her connection to the sea has never stopped either, even though she resides in Chico, CA, which is about a 3-4 hour drive, at least, from most any northern California coastline. One of our family's favorite vacation spots is in Fort Bragg, California. Esther and her family have created many memories in this small seaside town in northern California, and has been a continued influence in her work.

Below each work on this gallery page is the title, size, media, and a description of the work itself. What I try to do with each work that I write about is give a little additional perspective on the work and something to make it more personal for the viewer. Since this gallery features rotating work from our family, the  information could be considered "inside" information because we are not simply a gallery explaining another artist's work, but it is work about family, and we understand where each other comes from, and where we are trying to go on our artistic journeys.

We want this show, and all shows, in this online gallery to be a reflection of who we are at Brown Artworks. We want to bring an artistic experience to everyone and make them feel like they are part of not only an artistic experience, but a family experience that they can share in in many different ways, depending on how the viewer wants to interact with us. That could be simply viewing the work (which is great), sharing the work with others through social media, talking about it with others, or with us, or visiting some of our other sites, or in person at one of our events. We want to bring art as close to home for each person as possible and we hope that this premier show takes a few steps in that direction for you, the viewer.

So, please, enjoy the work. Read about it and allow yourself a few minutes to lose yourself in our family's artistic journey here. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us. Have a very blessed and artistic day, on behalf of all of us at Brown Artworks.

"No Fishing"
One of the things I love about Esther's black and white drawings is how expressive they are. I always imagine her stories of growing up in southern California and fishing with her father. Every face and expression holds a story and an emotion to be read and to be identified with.

This particular image almost looks like a caricature of some new form of animal. Esther has two images here that she loves; a crow and a fish. With all the shapes and designs, combined with the animals blending together, it makes for quite a personality portrait.

"One Eyed Face"
These surreal portraits are among my favorites because it just looks like there is a story waiting to be told, but the story is up for each viewer to decide. It is possible to just look for hours and try to decide what the back story of these portraits are.

No Title
The jellyfish is wonderful the way its tendrils hang down and create this movement that makes it seem like it is under water even with no water present in the picture. The is a hint of mystery that makes one ask, "what is the prevailing feeling of this image?"

"Fish On My Mind"
I think this title kind of says it all. I would say that this is almost like a metaphor for how she views her work and what comes out in her work. The expressive lines have great movement while the composition almost speaks of tranquility.

"Lobster and Bird"
When Esther paints in color she is at her best. The vibrant colors sing to the viewer. I think it is possible to just sit and soak in the colors of the composition.

"Fish Swimming"
This is one of those gems that explodes with motion and sings with vibrant color. I enjoy this one for its intensity and how just just makes you feel that you are under water with the fish in the image.

No Title
This image not only has explosive color, but it has an explosive story that calls for the viewer to imagine what is happening and what is behind the composition. What is of particular compositional interest for me is how the areas of pattern play off the areas of smooth color. It creates great contrast in texture in addition to the contrasting color choices.

"Blue and Emerald Turtle"
This turtle, like the fish, makes you feel like you are under water. It pulls you in with the color and makes you want to stay with its serene feeling. 

"Orange Jellyfish"
This image is truly a surreal portrait that calls to mind an image that could have come from a very abstract dream. So many of the surreal images help the viewer escape to another world. I like the contrast between the orange and the light blue. It makes the whole picture just pop off the surface. 

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