Thursday, November 23, 2017

Offering Photography Services at Brown Artworks

What It Means to Offer a Service as an Artist

You know, one of the things I am discovering about art is it is a lot about shaping your perspective. I know when I was in college, some of my fellow students might have said that making art for anyone other than yourself would have been going against what is true to an artist. However, I would argue otherwise.

I picked up photography some time ago, and I discovered that both my wife and myself have an inclination to use the camera as a medium. It also happens, in this day and age, that there is a need for people to be able to take good photos and record people's lives. Is that not what we do as artists? Don't we record life around us? That is what I am doing now, helping people record their lives by using my artistic vision and experience to help each person record and preserve a memory. Photography is a real medium in the art world, and I think the intent of the photographer richly determines what area of art he/she gets placed in.

I am still an artist, but I am also now an artist that offers a service to people to help them enrich their lives. Let's face the facts as well, if you don't make money as an artist, you are not going to continue doing it for nearly as long as if you were making money. Art is meant to be shared by the world, not locked in a closet. We have a duty to share our vision and skills with the world. It is the same in any art. If you have an artistic skill, share it with the world.

That is how I view my move to also take photographs of people who want their memories recorded. It may be uncomfortable to deal with people for some artists, but without the people, we have no audience.

We recently did a family photo shoot for a friend of mine and his family. I was so pleased at the joy and positive reaction that the photos we provided them garnered such a positive response. It is something that makes you feel you make a huge difference as an artist. For that, I am very grateful. It is what we all strive to do, is to make a difference with our work.

As you can see above, I have posted a list of options and prices of photo services that we do. I will also say that each idea above is carefully considered to be an artful process where we collaborate with each person and client to make the co-creators in an artistic representation of their lives. When it is done, we will all have made a work of art celebrating the life of each person that we work with. I am excited to do this and look forward to working with more and more people on this artistic journey!