Monday, March 13, 2017

Teaching Art Classes in Chico, CA

This past weekend we held our first class at Katie's Quilts and Artisans Gallery at in the Chico Mall. It was a great success! We enjoyed being able to share our wealth of knowledge with people! It was great to share our love of art and the skills and techniques, as well as our philosophies, with everyone! It was also great fun to be able to teach the class with my mother, Esther, who was the one that first taught me. So, that experience is in itself priceless. Also, it allows the students to have the benefits of two teachers instead of just one, which is always helpful because it gives everyone a more personal experience.

For Brown Artworks, this is a new endeavor for us, but a completely enjoyable and worthwhile one, for sure. The class that we are teaching this month is beginning drawing. Next month will be beginning watercolor/watermedia and, also, beginning portraiture. This month, the class runs a total of 4 days. Next month, both classes will be 2 days each. 

One of the challenges in creating classes is trying to figure out how to get as much information to everyone in a short amount of time. The responses have been gratifying since everyone seems to be enjoying the experience.

As a teacher, as well as an artist, I approach the classes from multiple standpoints. It is always a balancing act of trying to find that point where you give enough information, but not too much, and each student has enough practice time in the class to be able to gain some experience in carrying out the tasks and receiving feedback in the process.

If you want to know more about the classes, or sign up, visit:
Katie's Quilts & Artisans Gallery
1950 E 20th St. Suite A100
Chico Ca 95928

The gallery entrance is next to the main mall entrance, near Dick's Sporting Goods. The gallery also carries our art work too, so you can see what is new and exciting with the work that we are doing. If you would like a link, go here: - it will take you to the website where you can read about what this gallery is doing.

Before finishing, I just want to say this last piece. While making art is wonderful and we love making it, teaching it is a chance for us to give back to our community and help create greater appreciation and understanding for what the arts mean to us, to the community, and as an overall experience. Giving back is a totally different experience and we strive to try to create an experience where each person comes to enjoy art and hopefully enjoy what art can do for everyone. If you get a chance, come by and check out what we are doing!

Have a wonderful day!

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