Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Jewelry by Gisella Williams and Ada Lee

Nov. 11 Jewelry Sale from 10-4

2241 St. George Ln. #1, Chico, CA

Earrings by Gisella Williams

Necklaces by Ada Lee

Earrings by Gisella Williams

Jewelry making is one of those tasks that takes great attention to detail and personal commitment in creating interesting and pleasing designs. We are fortunate to have a wonderful artist in our family that can do that. Gisella Williams will be at the shop on Friday, November 11 from 10-4 to make her jewelry and sell work! I encourage anyone who is interested in buying a gift for someone for the holidays, or maybe they want to dress up some with a new pair of earrings or a necklace, to come by and see what we have. The jewelry is handmade and personally designed by our artists! The prices are affordable to being with, but there is a 10% discount on Friday also! Come take advantage of it and take in the art show that is up! There is lots more to buy as well if you are interested in other things like cards, paintings, purses, and more and they are all handmade! 

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