Thursday, October 27, 2016

Portraits of the Sea: A Preview

Portraits of the Sea: A Preview

I am so excited to be writing this new blog entry today. We have some very exciting news! We are holding our inaugural opening as a business and our first featured event is called "Portraits of the Sea." We will be posting the online gallery, Gallery of the East Bay, on November 5, the same day as our opening in Chico, California. Our family is so exciting to be able to bring our art to share with family, friends, and community in an effort to bring art to as many people as possible. An underlying theme of what we do is make "art for everyone." I have believed, and our family believes, that art is an experience that should be shared each day in a variety of ways, and we want to bring this passion and enthusiasm to our viewers, customers, fans, and whoever else wants to engage in some sort of artistic experience, whether it is viewing art, buying art, discussing art, and any other activity with art.

We are a family of artists that has shared our art with each other our entire lives, so we are looking forward to bring that to our communities, which is Chico and the general Bay Area. We are split between both communities and call both communities home.

We have a variety of experiences happening on November 5th to celebrate this first show. First, it will be a display of our online show. Each month or two, we will rotate our show and our theme and feature new work and an opening. November 5th is the first one. People in Chico will be able to experience the work first hand, of course, since it will be featured there. However, since it will also be featured online, it can be experienced by people anywhere in California, the US, or around the world. We are excited about this and look forward to expanding our audience for art. Of course we encourage people to interact and engage with us (the artists), in person in Chico this November 5th, and online via the comments section.

In addition to that, we will have multiple raffles going on November 5th for those that show up in person. It will be exciting and a chance to win some free art creations from us! Details of the raffle and the prizes will be available at the site, 2241 Saint George Lane #1, in Chico, CA. The gallery and shop will be open from 12-6 pm that day.

In an effort to expand the art experience for everyone and make it family oriented, we will have art activities set up for kids to participate in! We want to make art a fun experience across the board for everyone, so we will have things for the kids to do when you show up!

Of course, if you see something you really like, all the art will be up for sale, but more than just what is featured in the show. Art from all members of the family will be there. All of us will be on hand to talk about art, the show, and what is coming up in the near future.

This show has been a dream come true for us. We have been working towards this and waiting for this to happen for some time now. The piece featured above is by Esther Brown and she will have a variety of pieces featured that relate to her experience with the sea. You can see and explore her unique vision of life and the ocean and how they relate to each other for her. This will be featured both online here and at the site in Chico. 

If you have any questions, please contact us. You can contact us through the comments here, on our Facebook page - - and our website - - and our gmail - Below is a flyer for the event itself, in case you have not seen it yet. We are really excited to host this event and share our art experiences with you! Thanks for reading and come visit us on November 5th!

-Jesse Brown, Artist and Partner of Brown Artworks