Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Farmer's Market Series that will be displayed in May

So, as I have jumped further into the area of photography, I have been trying to explore different themes. What I really like about photography is that it lets me get more done in a short span of time than painting and drawing would allow me to do. It is a different medium entirely, that is for certain. However, one of the themes I have started exploring is this idea of food and the farmer's market. If you think about it, food and farmers are kind of the backbone of how we survive. So, in a small way, I am trying to pay tribute to them by exploring what they produce visually. Cooking is also another form of art, and food is one of those things that entices us so well when it is displayed properly. What I really enjoyed about these photographs is how vibrant the colors are. I love color in food, and I was recently told that it is important to "eat your colors." I found that very interesting. Also, what I found when I went to farmer's market here in Alameda, people who run their stands were very eager to stand and talk about what they do and even pose for photos. There are a lot of social issues that come forward with the idea of shopping for good food and eating right. I feel like that I am just beginning to scratch the surface of the possibilities with this subject. However, I hope, when I show in May and into the summer, people find the images artful and thought provoking in the sense that it may make them think about what it means to shop at a farmer's market and support more of their local community. Every series, and image, and part of the process of creating art is part of a journey and I am quite excited about how this one is starting out. I have to thank my wife Gina for her support as she collaborates with me on these photos and assists in so many different ways as we begin these photographic journeys together. Go to my gallery to see more of my work here:  

Thanks for reading!! Stay tuned for a lot more work to come!

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