Sunday, July 20, 2014

Work in Progress

So, as you may have been noticing, this summer has seen a definite increase in blog activity, as well as art production, but it is rarely at a pace that is fast enough for me. One of the challenges in being a working artist, a productive artist, is finding enough time and energy to do all that you need to in order to keep up with everything you want to achieve. 

This particular piece is in progress, that would explain the different look of the photo posted. However, I feel that it is important to include people in the process with I create my work. Kiyomi, of - she keeps a very well developed blog and talks about a lot of different aspects of her creative process. I thought about this and felt that I should be keeping a better record of my processes and thinking patterns as I make art. 

This particular piece represents the beginning of a shift in my work. I have been doing a lot of work in color pens and ball point pen, with the occasional accent of watercolor. I am going to start moving towards different materials and media, as well as a shift in content as well. Although, the content here is in line with what I have been doing lately. See the image below for a comparison to a recent image. 

The shift here starts with the use of Prismacolor color pencils. There are a lot of products made by Prismacolor, but these pencils have a type of oil base for them and give them the unique look at that you see in the picture. If you want to find out more about the pencils, look here. Prismacolor pencils are incredibly useful and are used a great deal by myself and my family in the creation of our art. Anytime you make a shift in media and materials, there is an adjustment period. The adjustments may be small or big, but there are adjustments all the same. I have continued with the subconscious imagery that has been present in much of my work lately, but ideas have come that move me back to a direction that is more architectural. I explored this type of subject years ago, and here and there in the recent past. However, I feel that this current shift will become more prevalent as I have the chance to work with it. 

Please keep in touch and look for this current completed work and for the new work in the new direction. There is no news about about upcoming shows, other than that September will be big and the date of September 27 is still in effect for us. We will be posting online galleries for both shows in September. Thanks for reading and keep up with us!

-Jesse Brown

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