Saturday, July 5, 2014

A New Drawing on my way to 50!

As you can see, I am continuing forward with my quest to finish 50 new pieces by September 1. Sometimes these pieces really flow and are easy, and other times it does not flow so well. What I have discovered over the course of time in my art career is that art is very peculiar. You can try to break it down so it is more logical, more methodical, and makes sense. However, sometimes it is just so much easier to just go with your feelings and your instincts. This particular drawing felt right. It was inspired by one that I sold in October of last year. However, with this one, I created a stronger diagonal flow that goes from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. But the other thing that flows too is the color. My color is not logical, it is emotional. Sometimes the color flow, as I spoke about above. Other times, the colors are more...jumbled. In those pieces I usually don't share so much. I think part of that reason, though, is because my feelings are inconsistent and my flow is consistent. Chaotic feelings can lead to inconsistent coloring for me. However, for this one, I am quite happy with the result and they way it flows all the way around. I was not sure if it was done at first, but then I finally decided it was. 

I imagine that some of you may be wondering about the random number of 50. What is 50 about? I may have mentioned it before, but let me get a bit more into it. First, we have a few big shows coming up in the fall, so I want to have at least 50 put together by the time September 1st rolls around because the fall can get very busy and, like it or not, it takes time for me to organize shows and events. It takes time away from making art. Even this summer I am somewhat distracted since I am doing a lot of research for the potential opening of our own gallery. However, a lot has to happen before that can be done, and the first ting that is going to happen is a show in September and some art festivals later in the fall. So, there are going to be a lot of opportunities to see our family's art. Please stay tuned for the announcement of the time and place of our one day September show. 

This current series, the surreal/cubist series that I have been focusing on, will start slowing down soon. I have an idea for a new series and new direction. That is not to say I will stop this current series/style entirely, but sometimes it is good to change and make a shift, at least for a little while. Even so, it is not a completely new shift. If all goes as I am planning, (in art, we can change our minds so quickly about what we feel like focusing on), I am going to move more in an architectural/landscape direction. Beyond that, it is hard to say for sure what it will look like. 

I am going to  be creating a gallery specific to my work, so a retrospective view can be taken in. You will see it in the menu bar at the top of the blog. 

Thanks for reading and following and there will be more to come soon from me. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!



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