Wednesday, June 25, 2014

50 New Works by September

This part of my effort to crank you 50 pieces by September 1. In case you are wondering, why 50 pieces? Well, we are having a one day show in September that we have to be ready for. It will be in Chico, CA. The date will be announced soon, so stay tuned to here and my FB page and you will most likely hear about it. We also are planning to take part in a holiday art festival, as yet to be determined. There are many, many projects on the books and we have to create a lot of work to make it happen. So, between all of us at Brown Family Art Works, we should have a minimum of 200 new pieces of art on display in September. 

This particular piece is a continuation of my series of color pen and ink in a small format. I will probably continue with another 10 or so of these and move on to some different media. When you go a year without doing any significant art work, it is easy to come up with ideas. The problem is just getting them all out in a 3 month time frame. Fifty pieces does sound like a lot, but it is just about being focused. 

The other thing that we are working on is trying to open our own gallery. When we do this, there will be a big grand opening that we want everyone to try to make, either in person or online. We will do both. Please be sure to stay tuned for all of our new works, changes to my blog, the family web page - - and dates of upcoming events, etc. I appreciate everone's PATIENCE! It has been great! Trying to do something like this while we all work full time is hard to do. Once we are up and running, it will be great and we appreciate your support! 

Please enjoy the new work. Email us at if you have any questions or you are interested in purchasing anything we share here.