Monday, August 5, 2013

A Matter of Perspective and Point of View: Forming a Connection


As we approach our show that is going up on August 13, at James and the Giant Cupcake in Oakland, CA, I am motivated to start thinking about more ideas that can transform our group and our art. I was speaking with my wife yesterday about this idea that I had, and it led me to think about what is it about art that makes every artist unique, as well as their work. My solution came back to a matter of perspective. Art is really about perspective and point of view, no matter which way you break it up, look at it, divide it, or anything else you do.
Take this image of mine that I put up here. It is multi-colored and fragmented, something like that of a Cubist, with a Surrealist line of thinking, at least from my perspective. This is how I see things when I make my art. It was the way I saw things as I was drawing this image out. This is one of my favorites because it speaks to me strongly. Isn't that what each artist is really trying to do, speak to an audience? Coincidentally, it has a good home now where someone else besides me can appreciate it. This image found its audience, and that is the goal that I have for my art work. I want it to connect with people. I believe that is what we all want as artists. I also believe that is the essence of the human condition, to connect with others. We all form groups, work in certain areas, socialize in certain areas, all because we are wanting to connect.
What makes this connection difficult is when artists are trying to think up the next new thing or interesting idea. My advice, if someone is to take it, would be to just be yourself. Don't copy someone else. Find yourself and your audience will find you. However, finding your audience means you have to look for people who might like your art. That  is another subject for another entry.
Every artist has a way of looking at the world and the world is becoming smaller because of the internet. Just do what you feel represents your view of the world and do it well. People will stop to look and listen if you develop a way of working and representing yourself in a coherent way. I think that is the strength of our family. We all do what we do well and we remain true to ourselves, and we support each other as we work. We are our own collaborators and audience. We have individual and collective perspective that is valuable to us.
Bring people into your perspective so they can understand you and they will be your audience. Art, like so many other aspects of life, is about communication. It is perhaps the most basic of communication because it is communication through images (text-based art not withstanding). Images are a universal language, except perhaps those you cannot see and rely on hearing, where music would be a more universal experience for them.
Something that happens as we move forward through art history is that the visual language becomes more complex. Yet, what I notice, is that people prefer simplicity in their art experience, however you may define that. But, simplicity it something that people truly move towards. It is a challenge for us as artists to take a more complex visual complex language and simplify it for that true visceral and/or emotional response that a wonderful piece of art can inspire. It all comes back to perspective and point of view.

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