Saturday, April 6, 2013

Art Inspired by Panama!

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We are currently finishing our trip to Panama, where I have focused on photography for my art medium at the moment. This medium affords me the ability to be fast and efficient with recording my ideas as I visit places and see new things. I do not have the time to sit and draw and paint with the schedule that we have been keeping. One of the things that artists have to learn is how to adapt and work within their range and experience so that they can convey their ideas. I will elaborate on my ideas from here that I have initially recorded through the use of photography, but a flow of ideas does not stop with simply one type of expression. It is merely the beginning of a process that takes as long as it needs to express itself.
Panama has allowed me to explore a variety of ideas. The image above is one of many taken from Panama Viejo. I have seen this place before, but not with the eye of trying to record it with an artistic point of view. With this particular experience, I was able to record many perspectives. I have not done a great deal of journal writing yet, but I will be focusing on that as I work with this experience. Cezanne did a lot of work with respect to his experience in Fiji. Hemingway let his experience in Spain influence him. Every artist is influenced by their environment. So it goes with me and my travels.
One of the first things that I do is try to line up my composition in such a way that it becomes visually interesting for the viewer. I also choose subjects that usually draw a viewer in. I focused a great deal on windows, doors, openings, and light and dark in this particular area in Panama Viejo. The  ruins lend themselves to that type of subject. Why so? Well, let's just look at windows and doors for a moment. Windows and doors represent points of view, opportunities, and reminders of the past, present, and future. Combine that with composition and lighting, as well as the context of 500 year old ruins, and you have some images that truly bring the viewer to contemplate a variety of ideas.
Please take a moment to reflect and enjoy the image above. More will follow soon. Thanks for reading!!