Thursday, August 2, 2012

Creating New Art

Copyrights for this art work belong to Jesse Brown 2012

I find that you always learn something new when you push yourself to do more than you think you can do. Brown Art Works - - is going well. We have formed together and we are all pushing to show on August 4 and for the opening on August 10. I posted earlier this summer about the show that is coming up on Saturday. Please come by Pillar Point Harbor and check us out! The other thing that is going on is we are hanging a show on August 5, the day after the festival! Talk about putting the pressure on! The opening for this show is August 10. It is at James and the Giant Cupcake, 6326, Sn Pablo Ave., Oakland, CA, from 7pm to 10pm. This is a wonderful place that works to be part of the community and makes wonderful desserts. It really fits with my point of view and philosophy of trying to get art to the people. I like exposing art to everyday people and this is one of the places we really ae enjoying preparing to show at.

The piece above is a small 4 inch x 6 inch painting that I created recently. This is one of my reactionary pieces where I am reacting to what unfolds on the papers as much as what is on my mind. I like these journal pieces where they are small and personal. What I have come to learn is that is as much about the artist as the art is. If you can understand where the artist is coming from and what their type of thinking is, then you have more insight as to how they may approach bigger and more intricate pieces. Interestingly enough, the inspiration of the bird came from a trip to Redding, CA (I believe) and we saw this small group of geese on the river, near the sundial bridge there.It was a cold and peaceful day. Of course, the rest of the imagery comes from my myriad of experiences and thought processes that I tend towards when I do these small, subconscious works. Of course, also, I combine painting and drawing, as usual. I always enjoy seeing what effects I can create with the combination of watercolor and drawing techniques.

Please see below for the details of upcoming opening!

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