Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Farmer's Market

Photo by Jesse Brown, all copyrights belong to Jesse Brown for this image. 2012

On of my favorite places to go on Saturdays is the San Francisco Farmer's Market. This is so for many reasons. There are vibrant colors and smells of abundantly rich food that is locally produced and rich in flavor and all the natural vitamins and minerals that a person needs. By and large, most of the food produced that is brought to market is usually produced in a an eco friendly way that is better for people and the environment as a whole. It also brings a sense of community for the people of the area. It is a gathering place where people meet, talk, look, and get to know their community.

The colors, as you can see above, are amazing and just make you want to run into the kitchen and start cooking with the new food that you just buy. I love just walking through the market and looking at all of the beautiful vegetables and the amazing array of colors that can be seen here. I took a series of photos at the San Francisco Farmer's Market with the intent to do a series of work based around this concept for all the reasons listed above and more. I feel that art should be vibrant and colorful to attract as many people as possible. The subject should be one that they can relate to so there is more of a connection. We are all connected to food in a direct way. I feel if I can draw people in with the innate beauty of naturally grown food of a farmer's market, then I can bring them in further with ideas about why a farmer's market is important.

We have all heard the debate about organic and going local as opposed to going commercial and non-organic at the local grocery store. It takes more money and patience to use your farmer's market nearby, and I understand this as much as anyone else/. However, when you can buy locally produced food that is fresh and oganic, it is a time when you are supporting the environment and your neighbor. There is also no denying the superior quality of home grown food as opposed to mass produced food from a giant farm from some place so far away.

But probably the most wonderful part of a farmer's market is the beauty of a community gathering. It is amazing what I see and experience on Saturday mornings. You see musicians, artists, farmer's, chefs, business people, and just people from all walks of life who are from right in your neighborhood. It creates a sense of connection and identity. That, more than anything else, is something truly valuable and amazing. It is with community and identity that we form stronger bonds and create a better society.

It is the beauty and warmth of the farmer's market that I love to experiece when I go out on Saturdays and see what is happening, what is new, and what new inspiration I can draw from it. I will be doing a series of work on this idea, so keep your eyes open for new posts and entries. If you geta chance, go support your local farmer's market.

Have a great day!



  1. I love going to markets too! :) I love seeing different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Haha!

    1. I agree. It is beautiful to see all the different colors and foods. I always come away hungry! ha ha! I am glad you came by!