Friday, February 17, 2012

Glancing Spear

Photo by Gina Navarro Brown and model Jesse Brown
Gina and Jesse Brown retain copyrights of this photo and all other works and photos in this blog.

This was taken at Fort Bragg, California last August. I was doing a post from Glancing Spear, which can be found in Long Form 3 in Kenpo Karate. The "spear" that you see in the pose is a finger strike to the eye, as it is taught in the form. I enjoyed doing martial arts at this time on the beach. it was a most wonderful day and Gina took many different photos. It was an incredible photo opportunity for us. Gina was doing great job with the new camera.

I believe, martial arts is not just the performance or production of an art, but it is an experience. Martial arts is about an experience that helps the practitioner learn a new way of doing things and understand his or her environment around them. I am trying to get to the point where I can practice more. I understand the need for practicing, Imagine the frustration at understanding the need and value of practicing martial arts and not having the time to follow through on my practice. However, when I look at the photos like this one that we took, it truly does inspire me to get back to practicing more. I hope this photo can inpire the readers and instill appreciation of finding what helps them to find something that helps their life.

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