Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Work for the Fundraising and some links.

Carrots and More
Red and Green

Copyrights of all photos belong to Gina Navarro Brown. Please contact us at with questions regarding photos. Photos can be printed to variable sizes. Watermarks are seen in the digital images but will not appear in printed versions. Gina signs all of her work and sends with an artist statement.

These are some other photos that Gina took to add to her work on the Fundraising Page. Please go by and take a look. There is a complete listing in the right margin of all the pages and you can click on the link to the Fundraising Gallery there. You can send an email if to if you see a gift you would like for donating to cancer research. You can check out the donation page for Gina's half-marathon at - This is the page that you donate to if you are interested in donating for the cause. Email us about any photos or art work that interest you and the details of what gift is available will be worked out. There are tables in the Fundraising page that describe what gifts go out for the different donations. As I say there, check ahead of time to see if it is available or how long it could take to get it out to you. We appreciate you coming by and taking a look at the page and taking the time to read about our work and what we are trying to do for promoting cancer research. Thanks again and talk to you soon!

- Jesse

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gina's Photos for the Fundraising Gallery

Gina took these photos are the San Francisco Farmer's Market. These are some amazing shots and I think they will go great in a kitchen or dining area. She did an amazing job with these. There is something about colorful food that always makes you hungry, right? Check out the Fundraising Gallery for all of them. I am posting a few on the main page, but the gallery will have the full list! Please enjoy and email us or leave comments, or let us know if you have any interest!

Thanks for checking these out and be sure to go to the Fundraising Gallery for the rest of them!

All work is copyrighted on this blog and these pieces are copyrighted to Gina Navarro Brown.

Four New Images to the Fundraising Gallery

I have added 4 new images to the Fundraising gallery. I hope people enjoy them. Be sure to email me if they generate any interest for you. You can click on the link off to the side to get there. As an update, I submitted two pieces to a juried exhibition here in the Bay Area to see how I do. I will let you all know if I get in and people can go see the show! Enjoy the rest of the images and let me know if they help generate any interest in fundraising.

Be sure to check out the Fundraising Gallery! Have a great day!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some New Work in the Fund Raising Gift Gallery

These are some of the pictures that we have up on the fund raising page to help with Gina's fund raising for cancer research and helping patients with cancer. Please come by, take a look, donate if you can, or repost! We appreciate your help! I will post new work as it goes up in the gallery! All the details are on that blog page.

Thanks so much!

Jesse (and Gina)