Thursday, August 4, 2011

More on the Urban Forest

I find myself constantly looking at the city around me and thinking of the ways we try to bring nature closure to us, no matter how big the city we live in. Living in the Bay Area, I see it everywhere I go. In San Francisco, where I took the above picture, I saw some vines growing up the side of this building, and it was purposeful. It reminded me of back home, in Chico, where vines and undergrowth dominate the park that is close to the university. Here you can see a pale reflection of a tree just past the ivy. Green cities just are not that prevalennt, and I wish we could see more elements of a 'forest' in our cities' designs. However, I do appreciate the feel of those cities that are successful in blending urban and natural elements to make the city more comfortable for us all.
Here is another one in the series idea of Water and Stone. I always appreciate running water whever I can find it. This location by the Ferry building was great. I can't wait to sit down and make some art from some of these will be exciting. Hope you all like the photos.

A work in progress

This is a piece that I started some time ago and I picked it up again to finish it. I am finding that I started several pieces several months ago, and now I can see them in a better light, after some time away. This one is also more complex just because I had more room to work. the other pieces were 2.5 x 3.5 inches, this one is 6 x6 inches. So, this is much bigger. I have several pieces I am working on now, trying to finish. This is the one that is furthest along at the moment. I like it because it definitely changes things up from some of the recent ones I have posted about. I have tried to mix in some different color patterns, as well as differnt shapes. This piece has a strong reflection of my trips to Panama. The ruins Old Panama, as well as the prevalence of the bright birds and the rainforest are both strong. I was strongly influenced by how amazed I was by visiting a country with a tropical rainforest for the first time. Spending time in the rainforest is an experience unlike any other...and I highly recommend everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to visit a tropical rainforest if they get the chance to. I will try to post more new stuff soon. It has been incredibly busy lately, so I have been slow the last couple of days.