Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trading Card Series

This is a new piece that I have done as part of a series. This is a very small piece, approximately 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I am working in a series exploring ideas related to the environment and nature. I don't have a specific idea going into a picture like this, I simply create an image and respond not only to the flow of ideas, but to the aesthetics of the picture as it unfolds as well. I am concerned as much with the push and pull, as well as the flattening of space, as I am with the images I use. What I have discovered over time is that color really grabhs people's attention, not to mention the fact that nature is full of incredible colors everywhere. I do not strive for realiztic color, but exaggerate color use it as an emotional response. Quite obviously, this image is not a realistic representation, but an emotional and subconscious representation and reaction to a thought process that is constantly revolving around states of nature, things I have seen, and experiences I have grown up with. I like the contrast of the black ink against the bright colors and what it can do for the image. I look forward to your responses. As a final note here, I have yet to name this is complete, but I have no title. I am not even sure if I will give it one. Thanks for stopping in.

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