Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Journey

Hello Everyone,

this is new for me. I just want to introduce who I am and what I am trying to do here. I have three layers to this page. I still am figuring it all out as I Well, I have three key interests.
  1. education
  2. art
  3. martial arts
So, this is what this page is about. In a way, each idea and endeavor is an art for me. So will be more visual than others. At times it could be more philosophical. However, I will try to make this place as interesting and entertaining as possible. I am working through this process of expanding my network in education and art, so there is a lot happening right now.

I will post new ideas, work, concepts, musings, and a variety of other things here for friends, followers, and the casual reader to read and respond to if they like. I will try to put in useful links and creative concepts. If you do stop by, please try to at least drop a note. I appreciate all the feed back. Thanks for reading this first entry. By the way, the website I entered previously was really interesting. If you are at all interested in getting your art out there, check it out. Also, I highly recommend getting a LinkedIn is so very useful and helpful.

I will see you all soon!


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