Sunday, February 27, 2011

Identity Crisis as Sunset

This is a drawing that I really quite like. It is part of my bird series. (Of course, when don't I have a bird in a drawing?) This drawing represents for me an identity crisis. I abstract these birds to the point that I felt that they both had an identity crisis. I use shape, line, form, and tone to help define the picture and its forms. Obviously, the text is not in the original. I have allowed it to remain somewhat darker than it is in person. This picture is entirely in graphite pencil. I used a variety of pencils to find the full range of tones with this picture. In case any of my viewers or followers are wondering, I will be setting up a gallery shortly to showcase and sell work online, but I am still in the process of setting up the format of the business here. So, currently I am only showing, but please feel free to email me if there is  further interest in buying any of these works, or subsequent works that I put up here.

Graphite is, by far, my favorite medium. If I had to pick only one medium, which I do not, but I would pick graphite pencil. There is a directness and immediacy that cannot be achieved in any other medium. I can sit down anywhere and create a drawing. It can happen as easily as writing a letter. There is also a practicality to it that is so easy to access. Yet, there is a vastly historic and timeless tradition with drawing and pencil work. It can go back to Michelangelo and Da Vinci. While their paintings are obviously more famous, if you have ever seen a drawing of either of these masters, the timeless tradition of drawing is something that cannot be described. I feel like I strive to find a mastery of pencil so that I can communicate on another level, unlike in any of my other works. Drawing just speaks to me differently, therefore I use it differently than my other mediums that I practice.

I let one form flow to another, cross over into another, and strive to create multiple layers and images within images so I can say more in a piece than one simple idea. I look to say many things. I do this by allowing myself to respond to the lines and shapes that evolve on the paper. Each drawing is an adventure when I sit down to create it. Truly, it is something special for me. I hope it is a unique experience for each viewer as well.

Thanks for visiting, as always!

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