Saturday, February 26, 2011

American Birds

American Birds is a slightly older picture than the last ones I have shared here. I am still working on the Kenpo series, so I don't really have any others quite ready to post. However, this piece is in a similar style that I used for the others. This picture is in a larger size than the others and I use bright colored shapes combined with black ink shading to define forms, along with line. I have always been fascinated with masks, birds and flags my whole life. I have a variety of photos that I use for inspiration, but ultimately these come from my my way of thinking. It is another type of visual journal entry that I use to help define my way of thinking. I grew up on the Sacramento River in Northern California. Birds were always readily visible, and as such I can never escape their image when I sit down to draw. I see them in every line and image that I make when there is nothing else in mind. I start with a blank slate and just let myself respond to the direction and feel of each line that I draw. This is how my mother draws and it is how she taught me to see the world. Just respond to where my pen or pencil takes me. In addition to this, it is also how my niece draws. She often draws what comes to mind. While the three of use often just respond to the pen on the paper, we do have our own images that we call forth as we draw.

I don't know if I will ever grow tired of the immediacy for drawing and the feeling of having a visual journal with each drawing. I think, also, it is a process by which I can let things out. Every stroke of a pen or pencil releases an idea or feeling. It is a hand made creation that not only reflects a way of thinking, but also a way of feeling in that moment, and often in a larger sense as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or share your comments. If anyone has a request to see or buy anything, just email me. Have a great day!!

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