Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A New Interview Posted

I had the pleasure of doing an interview recently with Brandon Hubbard. He is a Kenpo black belt from the Sacramento area. We did a photo shoot together that was quite fun and turned out well. Brandon is one of those artists/martial artists who is easy to work with. One of the things that I learn with each interview is that each artist, each person, has his/her own story and that story evolves over time, just as their work does. 

The photo above was taken at Folsom Lake, in Folsom, CA. We had a bit of an adventure trying to get to the spot. There was some fabulous boulders that were perfect for doing a martial arts shoot over the water. It was a truly exciting experience to be shooting photos in such an amazing place with such a talented martial artist. 

I would encourage you to go by and give the interview a read. You can find it here, http://educationartkenpo.blogspot.com/p/interviews-with.html - There are several photos from the shoot that showcase Brandon's versatility and creativity within the art as he was posing for photos. Enjoy the interview and stay tuned for more work! There are more interviews coming soon, so be sure to look out for those as well!!

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