Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A New Painting and Style

Documenting a Mistake...

This painting came about from what I would consider something of a mistake. I was working on a new piece in a new style with new materials. There is always a learning process that goes on when you try something new. I am in the process of trying some new things in my art and I had some left over paint, acrylic paint specifically. What you are looking at is based on an effort the create something from paint that I did not want to waste. You can see it is a warm palette and it is very different from what I usually do. 

Personally, I love abstract art and it really fascinates me and captures my attention. When I was an undergraduate I had the chance to study some of the color field painters and how they approached their work. It reminded me of landscapes, but abstract ones. I had the opportunity to visit the SFMOMA a couple of years ago and had the full effect of some of the color field work. While this particular work is not very big, it could be more powerful if I did make it bigger. 

One of the deliberate departures from a true color field style is the fact that there are some definite references to landscape shapes. I titled this piece "Diagonal Sunrise." Strong diagonals indicate motion, and I really wanted to have the feel of some movement in this painting, so I created some shapes and lines that would give the viewer a feel of a dynamic landscape. 

Abstraction and Landscape

It is exciting to move in new directions, and this represents part of a few new directions. I guess you could say it is like being an explorer. I am discovering new things and seeing different things that I like. One of my challenges is to make enough time in my schedule to try new things and complete new projects, but this is a good challenge and the results are going well. 

As I move forward I will be sharing my progress and exciting products. I feel like August is going to be one of those really big art months for me and my family. We have two shows in September and many other possibilities from here to the end of the calendar year. Abstract landscapes in this style feels like a good move, among others, to take. A lot of art is based on feelings and intuition. It is hard to explain, but I am going to continue to push the possibilities of this new direction. The great thing is that it was totally unexpected. It is amazing how mistakes can work in someone's favor!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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