Friday, August 9, 2013

Mendocino, CA and Fort Bragg, CA - Art Communities to Behold

This week we were able to spend time in Mendocino and Fort Bragg. Both of them are wonderful art communities, with Mendocino have more galleries than Fort Bragg, but both are equally wonderful and inspiring. I found the artists and gallery owners to be most friendly and knowledgeable about everything they are doing. 

Not is the art scene great, but the landscape and scenery is most inspiring as well. It just feels like it can help you produce more art by allowing you think better and expose you to scenery like the photo above. That is from the Mendocino Headlands. A wonderful place with trails to explore and sea caves creating a beautiful backdrop for the very clear water. 

There are some great artists and galleries that I will continue to follow-up on and talk about in the subsequent entries here on my blog, in addition to the show that we have coming up. If you have any thoughts about visiting this part of California, let me say that you will enjoy your trip, especially if great art and scenery are high on your agenda!

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