Friday, July 19, 2013

A New Work in the Trading Card Series

So, this is a new piece that I completed recently. This summer has been very busy. We are preparing many different things at Brown Family Artworks. Right now, we have a show that goes up August 13, 2013 in Oakland, CA. I will post the flyer soon. (Gina is working on it as I write this blog!) I am excited to show some new work. The gallery in Coos Bay continues to do well. We are selling a lot of exciting work there, but we are trying to constantly produce and keep up with the demands of having multiple events. It looks like this fall will have us ramping up for our first Christmas push for art work. My hope is that we will attend at least one or two holiday art festivals, along with having our work up in Coos Bay.
This image you see posted here is a new piece in my trading card series. I really love this format for many reasons. It is small and invites the viewer in to have a personal dialogue with the piece. I can go into deep detail on a small scale and show texture, line, and stroke marks of my tools. I mat and frame my work in a comparatively big format so the image is isolated and does not compete with anything in its immediate surroundings. This one, however, is not yet framed. However, I have to say, I become a little frustrated with the slowness of my production because of two reasons. I have this insane attention to detail that takes time to complete, along with multiple tasks in production that take away time from my actual painting and drawing. Having said that, they all go together. I cannot separate these tasks out like that. They all go together if one is to be successful in getting their art out there.
So, enjoy this piece and keep looking for the following posts coming soon. I have several more posts that should be going out in the next day or so. Thanks for reading and be sure to come see our show!!

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  1. Jesse. Your works have an obvious uniqueness. The color palette is magnificent. The general opinion, picture disposes to detailed studying of details.