Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Thank You for Our Recent Show

We want to send a big thank you to James and the Giant Cupcake. It was wonderful to show with them. We had a lot of interest and some great conversation was generated by the work from what we heard! We also were able to make a sale, which is always a plus. We also want to congratulate our raffle winner! We had a raffle at the opening and that was very exciting! Caleigh and Euridice have ongoing, rotating shows each month and we encourage people to go by and try their wonderful food and see what new art is going on over there! Their website is: 

They are the best people to work with for a show. They are easy to schedule with and take good care of the work and go out of their way to provide a great space to set up an opening. One thing I was really impressed with was the amount of foot traffic they can get during business hours. It gives the art a lot of exposure. This was definitely a great experience for all of us to show our work!   
Coming soon will be a new series I am workingon interviewing artists. My first interview is going to be Kiyomi - a wonderful musician from New York who is on Itunes and has the exquisite music and lyrics that you could ask for. I am going to be talking with her about music and hoping to learn some of the similarities that we share as artists, despite being in two different mediums like music and visual arts. If you are interested to preview Kiyomi's music, her website is:

Thanks for all your support and check back soon!

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