Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Way of the Warrior - Timing and Distance

So, what is this business about timing and distance? It is not a very dynamic title, I am sure. However, this is yet another critical point of understanding if one is going to be effective in martial arts. Timing and distance dictates the ranges from which you fight. Notice that I am in very close using an elbow with Nathan. Elbows are not for the feint of heart, to be sure. You are in close quarter combat and looking to finish the whole situation. But, even more so, it fits the context of the situation. The short range weapon fits the position and allows for the combatant to maneuver. Also, notice how my hand is opposing my elbow, this gives a certain amount of borrowed force because the pushing coming from my hand creates an opposing force to the elbow - therefore the strike borrows additional force in that way.

There are other zones of operation, as I call them, that affect weapon choice, etc. There is kicking range, punching range, and grappling range, which is even closer than the elbow range here. These are all important concepts to consider when executing Kenpo, or whatever art you practice. Hope you guys like to you soon!


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