Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Way of the Warrior - Kenpo self defense, Destructive Twins

This particular photo shows a variation on the ending of Destructive this is probably not a very familiar idea to anyone who has not studied Kenpo previously. However, let me share some thoughts on this image, photo, and technique. This particular image of me drilling Nathan with a back-kick to his stomach is the finishing move that is taught at the end of a Kenpo Technique called Destructive Twins. If you notice where I have Nathan's hand and arm, I have it up in a modified wrist lock to expose his ribs. This lock not only exposes his ribs by clearing his arm out of the way, but it also forces his head below his waist. In doing this his height zone is cancelled, preventing him from standing up and using any back up weapons to counter my technique. In Kenpo, what seems obvious often disguises much more subtle ideas and concepts. What looks like a simple back kick blasting my friend illustrates a variety of concepts and principles within the Kenpo system. Another idea that is illustrated is the idea of back-up mass. This is the idea that when your body weight moves in line with your weapon, then you add power to that weapon. I am not trying to complicate ideas and issues here as I write. What I am trying to do is to share ideas so that nearly anyone can understand them, even if they do not train in the system of Kenpo. I also hope to share the art that I have found interesting for about 20 years. I will try to publish exciting photos that are fun to see and interesting to read about. I will continue to post one to two concepts every few days or so, so there can be an active and consistent chronicle of how Kenpo works. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to write them here. I will respond as soon as I can if you have anything to ask.

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  1. This is an interesting technique: It seems it introduces the principles of line entry, angle of execution, angle of incidence, and angle of cancellation. You don't get anything in the way, clear a path, cancel back up weapons, have defense and offense working together, and all of that happening simultaneously, which is compounding.