Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kenpo Slide Show

 This slide show is a small movie of some of the moves and environment in which I train in when I go to Chico. I train at Epperson Bros. Kenpo Karate is a great place to train and learn and Nathan and I have spent a lot of hours training there and learning the rules and principles of Kenpo there.

Another reason for this post is I am working with a new format for the blog and really would like some feedback on how it looks and what people think of it, so if you come by and take a look at the blog...please leave me a comment or two. Also, if you really think it's cool, can you share it via the facebook and twitter links towards the bottom. I have some links in the side to speed up the navigation of the blog and you can search for some key words also in the top right of the page.

Please enjoy the slide show.

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