Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Echoes of Spartan History

Echoes of Spartan History is a piece I created in graduate school I would classify this more as a study than a finished piece of art. I was exploring the image and ideal of Sparta and Spartans as I studied them in graduate school. The combination of watercolor and graphite is one of my favorite methods of working in art. There are a variety of things that you can do with this style and I like layered and ethereal effect I can get when I combine the two mediums. I have always been fascinated with the layering of ideas and images in this way. It is my goal to see how much I can blur the lines between ideas and images. I feel that there is a great deal to learn still using this style.

As for Greece and the Greek theme of history, it is something that continues to fascinate me. I really am not going for traditional looks or ideas here. That is something my mother taught me. I would not call myself a traditional drawer, watercolorist, or printmaker. I do what it takes to get the image and idea thazt I want and achieve the feel that I want in the piece that I am creating. While I can appreciate that prototypical photo of a white piece of architecture against the azure waters of the Mediterranean in the Greek isles, that is not what I am going to recreate with my pieces. I seek something a little less traditional and, I believe, a little more complex. I will post more as I go.

Enjoy the piece and email me or leave comments and questions.


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